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Our Dana Point Pilates Classes

Whether you are a beginner or expert, we have a class for you.

Reformer Classes

The reformer classes are designed for all levels. The reformer is set up with heavy to light springs. In all classes clients have the option of adding ankle weights to the workout. The client is trained to adjust their spring resistance according to their ability. The class is a full body workout to motivating upbeat music. 

Extreme Booty Class

The class is designed for those who want a full hour focused on the glutes. We begin with 15min of glute work standing on and beside the machine for a cardio blast to start. The remainder of the class is laying down focusing on one side of the glutes then the other.

Booty Sampler Class

The class consists of a series of exercises which includes the jump board. The jumping will increase the booty burn between glute exercises. This is considered a partial jump class with Arms and Abs. The class starts off with jumping abs and then jumping on one side for glutes. You will go through a series on one side of jumping, leg in strap, arms and clams. Then repeat on the other side. Optional ankle weights.

Cardio Jump Class

This class enables you to get a full body workout using the jump board. The main focus is cardio and booty with some abs and arms. There is a short warm up and then you jump the remaining of the class to cardio music. Bands, weights and rings are often added to complete this series of jumping. If you like to kick butt this class is for you.

Abs Arms Cardio Class

The class will emphasis on ARMS and ABS with 20 min of cardio. All the arms and abs are done using the reformer. The first 20 min will focus on cardio. Cardio is done with your choice of the jump board or trampoline. Hand weights are optional during cardio. Arms exercises will vary each class and abs. The last 20 min is focused on lateral flexion (muffin top) exercises. 

Advanced Lunges Class

Everyone loves Lunges. This class will be 30min of lunges with arms and abs to follow. This class is advanced due to the balance requirement to stand on the equipment for lunging. There are options to do hand weights at the same time as lunging. The arms are laying down on the box and pulling at the top of the machine, similar to pullups. The last part of this class is abs up on the box. These abs are called hard abs with the straps above the knees.

Focus Stretch Class

Great class for beginners. The class is for all levels. Classes are taught in a block system addressing the whole body. The class will bring mind body awareness in every exercise. If you like to stay focus and work at a slower pace this is the perfect class.


OC native, Sara Thornton has over 15+ years experience in the fitness world. Pilates became her passion during her pregnancy with her youngest son in 2010 and in 2012 she became a certified instructor, focusing on reformer training for strength, length and flexibility. In 2015, she opened up her own studio, True Pilates OC in Dana Point and in 2019 will be moving to an even larger studio to accommodate her ever-growing clientele!

Our Pilates Classes in Dana Point have 100+ 5 Star Reviews

Sara instructs unique and diversified Pilates classes! There is never a dull moment! The people in the classes are friendly and respectful. Most of all, if you stay True to the program, you will start to notice positive changes in muscle tone and strength!
- Pamela

Sara the owner, is not only an amazing instructor but a caring and dedicated person. I was on a monthly unlimited class plan for almost a year and my body was in the best shape of my life. I had to take a break and I have gained weight and definitely am losing definition.
- Deavah

This studio is great, lots of openings , I had no issues booking my classes. The owner was fantastic with helping me schedule the classes. The instructions are great . I had not been to a Pilates class in 5 years and I truly enjoy attending classes at this studio.
- Nazita

Went today for first time.Reformer class seemed very good. People in the class (7?) were nice. Teacher seems exceptionally nice. She even sent me a message after to see how I liked it and if I had any questions. Very impressive! Can’t wait to go back!
- Lisa

True Pilates OC Company Info

We are the premier Pilates Studio in Dana Point with Reformer equipment offering group & private classes in a low-key atmosphere.

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