Reformer Class

The reformer classes are designed for all levels. The reformer is set up with heavy to light springs. In all classes clients have the option of adding ankle weights to the workout. The client is trained to adjust their spring resistance according to their ability. The class is a full body workout to motivating upbeat music. Classes always begin with legs in straps to help stretch and loosen up your hips. You can expect legs, arms, abs, and glute work in every class. These classes are a mix of traditional and the studios style to maximize your strength and flexibility. The reformer classes are never the same and there are many props we add for variations. Clients can adjust and modify in these classes. The props we may use are half rollers, balls, rings, hand weights, dowel, ankle weights and resistance bands.. Classes are always an hour and end with lunge stretches on the machine.



Beginner to Expert



1 hour


$230 unlimited monthly
$35 single class

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women teaching pilates in black outfit
women teaching pilates in black outfit
women teaching pilates in black outfit

Our Pilates Classes in Dana Point have 100+ Five Star Reviews

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Sara is amazing! Great energy, patient, and provided clear direction during class. I feel I was SO spoiled learning from such an amazing instructor. You must join you will not regret!

- Cherie P.

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I really enjoy classes in this studio. Sarah's super friendly and her classes definitely kick my booty every single time. I like vibe and the atmosphere of the studio as a whole. Five stars

- Angelica R.

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I have never tried Pilates before, so I thought I would give it a try when I found this place on Groupon. And I love it!! The studio is a nice place and Sara is so friendly, helpful and interested in her clients. I highly recommend this Pilates studio!

- Nooshi F.

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Sara is an incredible instructor (and friend!) She is attentive, encouraging, and accommodates all levels. My newest addiction.... 

- Jessica B.

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Fabulous overall workout in an encouraging, friendly atmosphere!

- Dee P.

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Sara is an amazing teacher, her classes are fun and challenging, and the atmosphere is super supportive and friendly! Highly recommend checking out the studio!

- Cheryl S.

Sara instructs unique and diversified Pilates classes! There is never a dull moment! The people in the classes are friendly and respectful. Most of all, if you stay True to the program, you will start to notice positive changes in muscle tone and strength!

- Pamela S.

Sara the owner, is not only an amazing instructor but a caring and dedicated person. I was on a monthly unlimited class plan for almost a year and my body was in the best shape of my life. I had to take a break and I have gained weight and definitely am losing definition.

- Deavah S.

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Sara is an incredible instructor. Unlike other studios, she watches everyone carefully. She repositions arms, legs, feet to get the maximum and safest benefit. Best study ever!

- Eileen M.

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Love this Pilates studio! Sara is amazing and has upbeat, fun and challenging workouts! Best Pilates studio ever!

- Terah

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I love these classes. They are unique and challenging. It's a real workout

- Bailey

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This studio is great, lots of openings , I had no issues booking my classes. The owner was fantastic with helping me schedule the classes. The instructions are great . I had not been to a Pilates class in 5 years and I truly enjoy attending classes at this studio.

- Nazita

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We are the premier Pilates Studio in Dana Point with Reformer equipment offering group & private classes in a low-key atmosphere.