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Advanced Lunges Class

Everyone loves Lunges. This class will be 30min of lunges with arms and abs to follow. This class is advanced due to the balance requirement to stand on the equipment for lunging. There are options to do hand weights at the same time as lunging. The arms are laying down on the box and pulling at the top of the machine, similar to pullups. The last part of this class is abs up on the box. These abs are called hard abs with the straps above the knees.



Beginner to Expert



1 hour

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Sara is amazing! Great energy, patient, and provided clear direction during class. I feel I was SO spoiled learning from such an amazing instructor. You must join you will not regret!

- Cherie P.

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Sara is an amazing teacher, her classes are fun and challenging, and the atmosphere is super supportive and friendly! Highly recommend checking out the studio!

- Cheryl S.

Sara the owner, is not only an amazing instructor but a caring and dedicated person. I was on a monthly unlimited class plan for almost a year and my body was in the best shape of my life. I had to take a break and I have gained weight and definitely am losing definition.

- Deavah S.

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We are the premier Pilates Studio in Dana Point with Reformer equipment offering group & private classes in a low-key atmosphere.

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